Whiff Wizard

Whiff Wizard Odor Control

It works like “magic” but we are all about the science. “Adsorption Technology" safely removes odors using a special gel and activated charcoal.

Our Story..

Whiff Wizard is the premier odor control product. It was invented by James Herlihy, our company president. From the original idea it has been developed to encompass several different sizes for differing room sizes. It is also available beyond the USA. Whiff Wizard is effective at neutralizing odors in your home, garage, office, vehicle, or other enclosed space.

James Herlihy, Founder

Jim is an experienced business owner and manager. Driven by the desire to do every job right, he takes pride in providing quality solution-based products for his customers. As President/Owner of Jarral Inc., parent company of Whiff Wizard, Jim is passionate about the benefits of Whiff Wizard and providing the product to consumers both domestically and globally. In addition to his primary job functions, Jim is committed to his family, active in his church and community, an outdoor enthusiast, and a talented guitarist.

Spanning The Globe

Whiff Wizard is made in the USA, but it’s reach goes far beyond it’s borders. Whiff Wizard can be found in China and Korea and Taiwan and other Asian markets, and there is interest from South America and India and the EU. Whiff Wizard works great here at home and in the homes of people everywhere; when you have something good, why not share it?

Technical Information


Each 14 oz jar eliminates odors for about 400 sq. ft.

Melting Point

Keep in a cool, dry place. May melt above 100 degrees.

Shelf Life

Works for 45 to 90 days after opening. Shelf life: about 2 years.


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