Whiff Wizard

Magically Eliminates Odors

We like to say Whiff Wizard “magically eliminates odors” , but it’s not really magic at all, it’s science! 

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Common odor sources can include cooking, paint, laundry, mildew, pets, cigarettes/cigars, diapers, and more. Eliminate these and other odors from your life without using sprays, perfumes, or covering scents with a 100% Made in USA product.

Superior Odor Control

Whiff Wizard is an effective solution to the problem of odor control. Our product is the result of experimentation and rigorous real-world testing. Extremely safe and environmentally friendly, Whiff Wizard is not a covering scent and is hypoallergenic. You can confidently use it in any room of the house, office, camp, or vehicle. Check out this powerful odor eliminator.

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Three Easy Steps

Step One

Place Whiff Wizard in the room with the offending odor. Peel away the label to reveal the decorative jar.

Step two

Allow our powerful and safe Adsorption technology to neutralize and eliminate the odor molecules.

Step Three

Close the lid when the odor is gone, and replace with a new jar. It’s science, not magic.

Based on Science

Whiff Wizard works like magic but it really uses the scientific principle of “Adsorption”. Our special gel and activated charcoal formula neutralizes odors in the air or on materials like carpets and curtains.

We don’t need to use artificial cover fragrances or dangerous chemicals like phthlates or VOCs. It is safe to use around children, pets, the elderly, anyone.

Amazon Reviews!

“We use in our boiler room which doubles as the cat litter box area. You can't even tell there is a litter box.” – S.E.C.
“It definitely works keeping odors in check. I will buy it again.” – S.K.
“Removes the 'old dog' smell in my house.” – S.F.
“I had a dog pee problem odor. It completely absorbed any and all bad odors.” – P.G.


Watch the presentation below to learn more about how Whiff Wizard eliminates odors around your home, office, vehicle, camp, or any other location.

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